Worker’s Rights

The Industrial Insurance Act is in place to cover Washington workers who are hurt on the job. It is your sole source of remedy in Washington, which means you generally cannot file suit against your employer for workplace injuries.

Although you’ve been paying into this system since the day you started working, the Department of Labor and Industries employs doctors, lawyers, and consultants all in an effort to cut costs and close your claim as quickly as possible, many times against the advice of your doctor.

Make no mistake, the Department of Labor and Industries is simply an insurance company. Without help you can find yourself on the backside of a serious injury with lingering medical bills, unable to return to your job and no way to get the coverage you need, deserve, and have paid for.

Set up a free consultation with us to make sure you’re getting the coverage you deserve, and to let us help you determine what your goals should be for rejoining the workforce and getting back on your feet.