Regular time loss checks are key

By November 25, 2014Disability

Being on time loss or “total temporary disability” payments is stressful enough because it’s less than you made while you were working. Having the Department withhold your check because your paperwork isn’t current makes it worse.

Once your doctor certifies that you are presently medically unable to work, he or she will submit an activity prescription form. The rest is up to you, but it’s pretty easy.

1) Fill out the “Affidavit of Time Loss” form your claim manager sent you, and return it to the Department.
2) Fill out each and every “Worker Verification” form your claim manager sends you and return the forms to the Department. They will likely come approximately once a month.

Although they look like bland, meaningless forms, if you fail to do either of these things, your claim manager will stop paying you time loss.

The forms can be downloaded from the Department’s website.

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