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A holistic approach to getting clients back on their feet

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As natives of Eastern Washington, we have a passion for helping our clients move forward after a workplace accident or personal injury. We started the firm in 2013 after practicing at another firm and recognizing a need to provide injured workers with a legal solution that involved personal engagement and a results-driven approach to claim resolution.

This includes…

A focus on the best outcome for the worker as a whole

Access to treatment and maximum recovery

Returning to work in the most productive and beneficial way possible

The why

Whether it’s an on-the-job injury or a personal injury like a car accident, people just want to resume their lives. They are fighting for a return to normalcy which might mean getting back to work or chasing their grandkids around the house. Without help, navigating the legal system is overwhelming. Some cases get stuck in legal limbo, leaving victims fighting for years. We see the exhaustion on their faces. We get it and are dedicated to seeing our clients get the compensation and care they deserve.

“After seeing my dad suffer through physical pain, depression, and a loss of identity as a contributing member of society from a workplace injury, I changed my course of study and my life and became a workers’ compensation attorney. My dad was met at every turn with a vicious fight from the Department of Labor and Industries. I see every day the degradation of our system of benefits for injured workers. We are experiencing a massive reduction in benefits and a general shift in thinking for workplace injuries.”

Rich Byers

Regions we serve

Based in Spokane, we help clients with workers’ compensation and personal injury cases throughout Central and Eastern Washington including Tri-Cities, Yakima, and Wenatchee.

Carlisle and Byers service area - eastern Washington

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