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Worker’s Compensation

The Industrial Insurance Act is in place to cover Washington workers who are hurt on the job. It is your sole source of remedy in Washington, which means you generally cannot file suit against your employer for workplace injuries.

Although you’ve been paying into this system since the day you started working, the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) employs doctors, lawyers, and consultants all in an effort to cut costs and close your claim as quickly as possible, many times against the advice of your doctor.

Make no mistake, the Department of Labor and Industries is simply an insurance company. Without help you can find yourself on the backside of a serious injury with lingering medical bills, unable to return to your job and no way to get the coverage you need, deserve, and have paid for.

Set up a free consultation with us to make sure you’re getting the coverage you deserve, and to let us help you determine what your goals should be for rejoining the workforce and getting back on your feet.

Al a carte services

The following service is available for current clients:

Wills & Trusts

Some go to great lengths to avoid taxes, but we all have to face facts: there are things in our lives now that will still be here long after we’re gone. But what happens to these things when we’re not here anymore? You have two options: they go where and to whom you wish, or; they may become the property of the State of Washington.

Whether you own land, cars, and stocks, or if you just have a few personal, sentimental belongings, you need a will. Otherwise you may not have a say on where these things that you’ve held so special, or worked so hard to get, will end up.

If you’ve managed to squirrel away a few acorns, you may want to leave your children or grandchildren something after you’re gone. If, for example, you want to encourage them to go to college with your gift, you need a will and trust.

Wills and Trusts help you determine where your possessions go, but there are also decisions regarding your health if you become incapacitated. Health directives and durable powers of attorney help ensure that your wishes are carried out if you find yourself in a position that you can’t answer those difficult questions in person. Even more importantly, who will you trust with your children, if you pass unexpectedly? These questions must be answered.

Whether you have a grand estate or you’ve decided only to keep a few worldly things dear to you, or if you’re concerned about your last wishes for you or your kids, talk to us about our will, trust, guardianship, and health directive plans – we can work with you to make sure you can rest easy, knowing that these important decisions will be handled according to your wishes

We look forward to chatting with you soon.
Chris Carlisle & Richard Byers

Our Founding Partners

Chris Carlisle

A founding member of Carlisle & Byers, PLLC and represents clients in workers compensation and bankruptcy matters throughout Eastern Washington. Before becoming an intern and associate at Stiley & Cikutovich, Chris earned a bachelors degree in political science from Seattle University and his Juris Doctorate degree at Gonzaga. He has experience practicing before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, the State Superior Courts, the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court, and the United States District Courts of Eastern Washington.

Chris is a member of the Washington State and Spokane County Bar Associations, as well as the Washington State Association for Justice. Chris also is a member of the Spokane Housing Justice Project, providing free legal assistance to tenants in dispute with their landlords.

Among all of his groups and affiliations, he’d have to say his favorites are youth baseball coach, scout leader, husband, and dad to his three sons.

Rich Byers

With a double concentration in marketing, and communication and media methods from Gonzaga University, Richard went on to get his Juris Doctor, also from Gonzaga, in 2010.

After helping lower income families with pro-bono representation at the Federal Tax Clinic at Gonzaga, Rich spent two years with the law firm of Stiley & Cikutovich before deciding to partner up with Chris Carlisle, realizing that the Spokane market was underserved by attorneys who value community connection and personal service in the legal industry.

Although his professional life has often taken priority, don’t be surprised to see him playing a role as the 12th man at Century Link Field, or charging a wave through the Alberton Gorge.