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Labor and Industries Lawyers for Workers’ Compensation

Advocates for injured workers in Washington State

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The Benefits of Working with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Access to experienced attorneys

As seasoned workers’ compensation lawyers, we offer valuable expertise in navigating the complexities of the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

Relief from lingering medical bills

By working with a workers’ compensation law firm, we aim to eliminate your burdensome medical expenses after a serious injury, giving you the peace of mind to focus on recovery.

L&I claim support

We stand up to the Department of Labor and Industries’ efforts to minimize costs and close your claim.

Workplace advocacy

Our support helps safeguard your job, ensuring you have the necessary resources to return to work when you’re ready.

Hassle-free claim management

With our guidance, you can effectively manage your claim, avoiding potential pitfalls and ensuring you receive the coverage you need and deserve.

Freedom from overwhelming paperwork

So. Much. Paperwork. We’ll help you navigate the red tape and paperwork involved in legal matters.

Your legal right to collect workers’ compensation

If you have an accident and get injured at work or suffer from a job-related illness, you may be entitled to certain benefits.

Workers’ comp benefits for a job-related injury/illness:

Medical coverage for surgery, prescription medications, physical therapy, or other rehabilitative services.

If you have to take an extended leave from work, you may be eligible to have a portion of your salary paid as time-loss compensation.

If the injury is so severe that you have to change careers or are medically unable to rejoin the workforce, benefits may provide for retraining or even a pension award.

Industries of Legal Expertise

At Carlisle + Byers, our diverse expertise empowers us to serve a broad spectrum of clients. Our experience as workers’ compensation lawyers includes the industries listed below.

Office Workers
General Labor
A women in yellow construction hat who was injured on the job


Don’t just take our word for it.

Compassion and empathy

“Rich showed compassion and empathy towards my situation. I truly felt that he cared about my recovery and securing the rightful compensation I deserved.”

Mitra N.

Don’t have to worry

“The most positive thing about working with Carlisle and Byers would be communication that I have, the answers to my questions, and the speed in which they get answers. I don’t have to worry about what’s going on with my L&I claim.”

Stephen F.

Moral support

“Chris was so truthful. Anything that happens he’s right on the phone calling me. He’s even gone to a couple of appointments with me just for moral support. They are interested in how I’m doing, how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, and whether or not I’m getting the medications I need. It’s just been a really great experience.”

Lynn H.

“I had no idea I would become a workers’ comp attorney while I was in law school. Through personal experience I became aware that this was a unique area of law – one where people feel confident that if they’re injured, the state or their employer will provide the coverage they were promised (and paid into). Unfortunately, when the injury does happen, it becomes very apparent that those promises are often empty, and what the injured worker really gets is an unexpected fight. It’s not right, simple as that.”

Rich Byers

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The insurance industry is broken and complex. Don’t leave the fate of your health and future in the hands of those who aren’t looking out for you. Contact the workers’ compensation lawyers at Carlisle + Byers today to set up a free case review.

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