What Treatment is Covered Under an Industrial Insurance Claim?

By May 1, 2014Uncategorized

You got injured on the job and the claim has been accepted by the Department of Labor and Industries. So… now what?

You need to go to the doctor, but you are concerned about the co-pays and co-insurance payments. Let me put your mind at ease – if the visit is with your attending physician and your claim is open, you should not have to pay anything for that visit.

The next question is what can my attending physician treat? Simply put, your attending physician can treat all related conditions.

A related condition is one which the Department of Labor and Industries has determined to be caused by your industrial injury. The Department decides which conditions are related by reviewing the medical notes that your attending physician sends them.

All treatment which will improve the related condition, and the accompanying prescriptions, should be paid for by the Department with no cost to you.

If you’re being charged for treatment or prescriptions, or you feel like the Department is not paying for the treatment your doctor is recommending, call our office to set up a free consultation.