Construction season brings accidents and injuries

construction injuries

I put some miles on my truck today. I went north to south, out to the Spokane Valley and back along Sprague and I-90, and finally through downtown. One thing became abundantly clear to me: along with the thawing ground, the sun, and the slightly drier weather, construction season has returned.

‘Tis the season for construction injury claims

Crews are out, buildings are springing up like dandelions, and just around the corner we’ll all be thankful, yet mildly grumpy, about the pothole and road maintenance that seems never-ending in the warm Spokane months. It’s great for business, it’s great for our community, and it’s great for everyone who has been waiting through all the cold months to get back to work.

Unfortunately, with the new buildings, the work, and the pothole filling comes accidents and injuries. In fiscal year 2018, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries reports that jobs classified as “Construction Craft Laborer” accounted for 3,340 claims and over $28,600,000 in costs.  That’s a lotta sprains, strains, bandages and breaks.

Workers’ Compensation L&I Attorneys

Spring means better weather and getting out to enjoy it, but being on the wrong side of worker’s compensation is no picnic. Be careful, be mindful and stay safe out there. If you’re in Spokane, Tri-Cities, Yakima, or anywhere else in Central or Eastern Washington and find yourself with a Washington State Labor and Industries claim, contact Carlisle and Byers to set up a free consultation to make sure your rights are being protected.