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Keep it safe, Spokane.

By June 4, 2020May 13th, 2023COVID-19, News, Personal Injury
steering wheel on car

Antsy. Stir crazy. And a little nutty. 

All words to describe how most of us are feeling under social distancing restrictions. Although Spokane County had a small win moving into Stage 2, we all still need to keep social distancing and safety at the forefront. 

As the weather warms and you increase your travel commuting to work or a weekend away, be extra cautious on the roads. Washington State Patrol reported motorcycle crashes as a huge area of concern. 12 of the 17 motorcycle fatalities for 2020 occurred in April alone. Because the roads aren’t as busy, people are viewing it as an invitation to drive recklessly. A Spokane driver was pulled over for driving 112 mph. Over in Snohomish County, a car was clocked at 192 mph. Dang! 

We’re all in this together so keep it safe out there. Rules still apply. Social distance, drive safely, and you can still enjoy spring. 

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Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels