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I just want to talk to my claim manager, am I asking too much?

You got an unexpected or confusing letter from your claim manager. Luckily, their name and number are at the bottom. You call but you get Mr. Movietone who says, “you have reached the desk of your claims manager…” You press “0” because on other systems that gets you to a live person, but instead, you get…

“Your claim manager is assisting other customers at this time… you are now being routed to a support associate who can help you, for English press one.” You press one and then wait. 6 to 14 minutes later you get a person who leaves a quasi-detailed (and likely slanted) message for your claim manager, and then you wait.

And wait…

And wait.

At 7:30am, or when you’re in the bathroom, or taking out the trash, your claim manager calls you back and leaves a message like this: “this is Sam Smith, I am returning your call, my number is (360) 902-xxxx, thank you.”

You’re right back where you started, but the claim manager has satisfied their duty to call you back within 48 hours. ACK!

This is the new, “friendlier,” Department of Labor and Industries.

It only gets worse, as you may get an assistant that calls you back. They are very nice and happy to you that they understand why you called, but that’s probably it. When you ask for the answer, let alone another question, they say to you with their most optimistic voice: “I can leave a message for the claim manager to have them answer that.” Nifty. So starts the process again.

If you’re not making any headway in your claim, give us a call to help break through the cycle.