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The psychological impacts of injury are scary

Woman with personal injury claim outdoors taking deep breath.

Don’t let fear take over after a workers’ comp or personal injury claim

Do I love Halloween? Yes. Am I the guy on the block who goes overboard with decorations and probably has more fun than the kids ringing the bell for candy? Yeah.

I could stick with the holiday spirit (see what I did there?), make fun of claims adjusters, call them ghouls or goblins, etc. (all in good fun…mostly). Instead, I want to remind you that even though work or personal injury claims can be scary (especially when benefit and treatment denials are lurking around every dark corner), try not to let the process consume all of what makes you, you.

The psychological impacts of a workers’ comp claim

Daunting tasks like making ends meet when your income has taken a hit due to your injury are incredibly tough. We see our clients pour everything they have into their medical treatment to get back to work. And honestly, that’s often the most important thing you can do in these situations.

However, we also know how long the process can be and how that impacts injured workers psychologically. The psychological impacts of work-related injuries are so prevalent that the Department of L&I has implemented a program that enables injured workers to receive mental health treatment without the typical referral, review, and authorization/denial process.

If you’ve been dealing with one of these claims for a while, you’ve already seen how it can impact you and become an anchor weighing down your life. If you don’t already have a Washington State Workers’ Comp lawyer helping you with your claim, ask your medical provider about Behavioral Health Intervention to find someone to vent to about the complex process. You (and maybe your close family members and friends) may be glad you did.

Take care of yourself during a personal injury claim

Research shows that the personal injury claims settlement process can harm mental and physical recovery. If you’re just starting the claim process, remember to treat yourself occasionally and seek medical treatment for your physical condition. Watch a show, read a good book, go to a birthday party (and decorate your house for Halloween!).

If your injuries limit you, do what you enjoy to whatever extent you are able. Take care of yourself, and remember, always ask for help. You’re trying to get back to normal so you can be who you used to be to the people in your life: a Mom or Dad, spouse, or valued team member at work. You’ll get there – just don’t lose yourself along the way.

The workers’ comp lawyers at Carlisle + Byers can help

It’s nice to have people in your corner, with your best interests at heart. When in doubt, turn to a law professional for your next steps. We can assist you with your case and actively seek out the most suitable resources to aid your emotional and physical recovery. Schedule a free consultation or call us at (509) 228-7011. We have your back!