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What to look for in a motor vehicle accident attorney

By December 22, 2022April 19th, 2024Car Accidents, News, Personal Injury, related-to-car-accidents
A person driving a car in traffic, seeking assistance from a motor vehicle accident attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident 

Anyone who’s been involved in a severe car accident knows how stressful the aftermath can be. With car and property damages and bodily injuries, you have to deal with a lot of paperwork, insurance phone tag, and doctor visits that are hard to fit into your busy everyday schedule. 

Things can get even more complex if the other party involved refuses to cover damages or is coming after you under false pretenses. You may question, “Is it time we hire a motor vehicle accident attorney?” Well, you have questions, and we have answers. Let’s cover the basics. 

Signs you should hire an attorney

Consider this a “red flags” list after you’ve been involved in a car accident: 

  • You or the other party have suffered injuries
  • The car accident is being blamed on you 
  • The other party or insurer is denying liability
  • A commercial vehicle was part of the accident 
  • There’s a government entity involved in the case 
  • Minors were involved in the car accident 
  • You’re running out of time to file a claim (statute of limitations
  • An insurance adjuster has informed you to hire an attorney (a big ol’ red flag) 

If any of these “red flag” items describe your situation, consider hiring an attorney. 

Finding a motor vehicle accident attorney

You’re already juggling so much, so the last thing you want is to get stuck with a crummy lawyer that complicates things even more. But how do you know you’re hiring a good lawyer before you get stuck wasting more time and expense? Here are a few things you should note when looking for a good attorney. 

Five things to look for in a motor vehicle accident attorney

  1. A motor vehicle accident attorney, or any attorney for that matter, should have great communication and people skills. If your early conversations with a lawyer are challenging, do yourself a favor and move on. 
  2. Another important thing to note: Does your lawyer remember the details of your exchanges? Things can easily slip through the cracks if you’re working with a lawyer who isn’t detail-oriented. 
  3. Get a good sense of the ethics of your legal representation by checking out some reviews from clients or asking them a few baseline questions. You want someone handling your case that is morally responsible. 
  4. Since you’re dealing with legal matters, you’ll want to ensure that your lawyer is well-versed in the research and analytics of your case. Basically, you want someone with the proper qualifications to handle your case’s legal intricacies. Your alarms should be going off if a lawyer tells you they can take on ANY case. 
  5. Can you spot the difference between an overly aggressive lawyer and an assertive one? While aggression may seem intimidating to the opposing party, it lacks the respect that should always be present in or outside of court. Nobody likes working with a jerk.  

The benefits of working with an attorney 

Hiring a lawyer should be a relief for you to focus on your health and to get your damaged property fixed or replaced. At Carlisle + Byers, we specialize in personal injury and workers’ compensation law and understand all the complexities that can go along with it. It’s our job to guide you and be your advocate throughout the process. After all, legal dramas are entertaining to watch on TV, but living it out in real life is another story. 

Ready to learn more about our process? If you’re interested in chatting with us more, schedule a free consultation with us.