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What’s ahead in 2022 for Carlisle + Byers?

By February 23, 2022May 17th, 2023Spokane community
Girl who has had her workers comp claim rejected.

Now that we’ve entered 2022, we wanted to catch you up on our 2021 highlights and all upcoming 2022 news for Carlisle + Byers. Let’s get started!

Carlisle + Byers 2021 business recap

Sure, the world was STILL a bit upside down in 2021, which is why we tried our best to keep things fun and stress-free at the firm. For starters, we rebranded Carlisle + Byers by revamping the website, adding custom illustrations, launching a new logo, and upgrading our brand’s color scheme. After all, we’ve all seen legal websites that feel foreboding and heavy, but we don’t operate that way! We wanted to shift the website to reflect our approachable and empathetic attitude.

Another exciting thing that happened in 2021 is we moved offices from 1020 N. Washington to 421 W Riverside Ave in Spokane, WA. We love our new office space, and we’re ready to continue to build our business and lasting relationships at the new location.

And the best for last! There is nothing we enjoy more than volunteer work and involvement with our community. In 2021, we had a great time working with STAHRS, a short-term after-hours rescue shelter, and 90+ Plus Project, a recreational soccer program for children.

What to expect from Carlisle + Byers in 2022

Hello, 2022! We want to enter 2022 the same way we finished 2021, with more community involvement. This year, one of our main focuses is getting injured workers and accident victims back to their lives and through the legal maze. This process could involve Carlisle + Byers working with attorneys outside of the firm to change some practices and procedures for Workers’ Compensation in Washington State via the State Legislature.

Additionally, Chris will be leading a course on Last Will and Testament preparation through the City of Spokane, which will cost $150 paid directly to the city. Stay tuned for more details on this by following us on social media!

New laws or legal updates to note in 2022

As far as upcoming 2022 legal news, we are still waiting on this year’s Cost of Living Adjustments announcement. Once this information is released, we’ll be working hard to get as much blog material released on this subject matter in light of inflation, cost of goods, and service prices increasing.

Take on 2022 with Carlisle + Byers!

If there is one thing to take away as we continue in 2022, it’s that we’re here to help make your experience with us straightforward, personable, and above all, helpful. Whether you’re dealing with a personal injury case or a workers’ compensation claim, we would love to work with you to get you the treatment you deserve. Click here to schedule a free consultation!